Transgender Surgery

Stanford Medicine is proud to be a leader in providing gender-affirming surgery, including vaginoplasty and orchiectomy. Our team is specially trained to offer surgical and post-operative care for penile-inversion vaginoplasty and postoperative conditions including vaginal stenosis, pelvic floor disorders, and vaginal dilation issues.

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We work hand-in-hand with healthcare providers at the Stanford LGBTQ+ Health Program as well as a team of experts in pelvic floor physical therapy. We are committed to providing specialized and personalized care, and to research in these important areas.

We routinely collaborate with other specialists including coordination of other surgeries.

For a new appointment, please contact the LGBTQ+ Health Program to see Dr. Kavita Mishra at (650) 724-8844.



Our Team

Our surgical and postoperative care team includes Dr. Kavita Mishra, a nurse practitioner, a registered nurse, 3 pelvic floor physical therapists, and a surgical coordinator. We work closely with your primary care and mental health providers before, during, and after surgery. We believe in multidisciplinary and supportive care to provide you with the best postoperative outcome.

Dr. Kavita Mishra is a female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgeon who was the first graduate of Cleveland Clinic’s Transgender Surgery & Medicine fellowship program, training with Dr. Cecile Ferrando. Dr. Mishra attended Brown University for her undergraduate studies and the University of California, San Francisco, for medical school. She completed a four-year residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Brown University/Women & Infants Hospital. She then completed a three-year fellowship in Urogynecology (Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery) at Brown University, specializing in minimally invasive surgery and pelvic floor disorders. She practiced at the University of California, San Francisco, before joining the department at Stanford. Dr. Mishra is enthusiastic about connecting with her patients, supporting them in their journey, and educating the next generation of physician leaders.


Clinical Assistant Professor, Obstetrics & Gynecology - General

Why Choose Stanford for Gender Affirming Surgery?

Our team believes that you and only you get to decide how your identity is expressed. We are experts in helping people meet their goals and specialize in care ranging from routine medical visits to the physical transition process. We have spent the last few years actively expanding surgical services at Stanford.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Guidelines

Our team follows the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) guidelines to ensure patients are appropriate surgical candidates. We require patients live full time as their self-affirmed gender for more than one year, that they have undergone cross-sex hormone therapy for at least one year (if appropriate), that they have letters of support for surgical transition from two mental health professionals who are well-versed in transgender patient care. Patients who have met these criteria are deemed appropriate surgical candidates. They cannot be smokers or be excessively overweight, and they must be medically optimized for surgery if they have medical comorbidities.

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