Vaginoplasty surgery involves the creation of the vulva (external female genital structures) with or without a vaginal canal. External structures include labia, clitoral hood, and urethral opening. The procedure involves an inpatient hospital stay. One can also opt to have a “zero depth” or “minimal depth” vaginoplasty in which the external genitals are created but a vagina is not created. Patients who undergo creation of a full-depth vagina must stay in a nearby hotel after the hospital stay. For zero-depth procedures, patients are required to be in the Stanford area for 3-5 days. A full-depth procedure requires 7-10 days after surgery. Before and after photos are available during the initial consultation. The complete postoperative recovery will be 6-8 weeks, but this can vary from individual to individual. We are happy to complete paperwork for short-term disability and family and medical Leave, if applicable.

Requirements for Surgery:

  • WPATH criteria must be met
  • BMI < 32 kg/m2
  • Patient must be tobacco-free
  • Patient must have a support person to stay with them during their hospital and hotel stay
  • Copy of your most recent primary care medical records
  • Genital hair removal must be completed for surgery


Insurance Coverage:

This procedure is covered by many insurance plans when criteria have been met. Please check with your insurance provider. Payment plans are also available if not covered by insurance.

Cost of Postoperative Stay:

We require that you stay at a designated hotel near the hospital and clinic in case of emergency for up to 7 days after surgery. Funds will be required at time of reservation.

Special Considerations:

Out of state residents: You may want to include your pre-operative day as well as the 3 days you will be in the hospital in your hotel reservation if you are traveling from afar; this will allow a safe and comfortable place for you to perform your peri-operative preparations as well as provide your guest with a place to stay nearby while you are in the hospital.

Transportation After Surgery:

You must have a family member, friend or caregiver drive you home from surgery.

Postoperative Appointments:

Please plan for postoperative appointments at 3, 6, and 12 weeks after your surgery. You will need a driver for the 3-week postoperative visit.

We do ask some of our patients to meet with our team psychiatrist pre- and postoperatively, as well as our pelvic floor physical therapist. At the consultation we will discuss the postoperative care plan and determine whether you have any local providers who may be able to perform some of your post-operative appointments and help arrange for physical therapy locally.

Patient Checklist:

  • Nicotine/nicotine-related product free (minimum 3 months)
  • Hair removal completed, free of regrowth
  • Two letters of support from qualified mental health providers dates within the past 12 months
  • Funds (approximately $2,000) available for postoperative stay. We are working for a obtain philanthropic funds to provide this for patients in need.
  • Companion to accompany you for postoperative stay
  • Relationship with a mental health care provider who will see you within 4 weeks of surgery


We are happy to share a list of qualified hair removal providers as well as qualified mental health providers upon request.