The Division of Gynecology at Stanford University is world-renowned for its innovation in health care for women. Our Division has many subspecialties conducting innovative research through laboratory and clinical settings. Our research studies focus on women’s health through various stages of her life.

Currently Enrolling Studies

A Feasibility Trial of a Group Based Yoga Intervention for Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women (a.k.a. Program to Overcome Pelvic Pain Study)

The purpose of the study is to gather information about a group-based yoga or physical conditioning program for chronic pelvic pain in women. Women with pelvic pain are enrolled in one of two possible types of low-impact physical activity programs – a yoga practice program or a physical conditioning program.

This study is actively recruiting women in the Bay Area who suffer from chronic pelvic pain for our program beginning at end of September. Please email for more information.

Principal InvestigatorLeslee Subak, MD

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