Meet Our Residents


Stanford’s Ob/Gyn program is a small and close-knit group of 21 residents. Below is a short synopsis of each resident’s history and what brought them here to Stanford

Ange Wang, M.D., PGY 1

I was born in China and lived in both Kansas and New York before my family settled in Los Angeles. I went to the University of Pennsylvania for my undergraduate degree in Bioengineering, and worked for consulting firm Bain & Company in New York and San Francisco for 2 years after graduation. I then worked at the Public Health Institute in Oakland while completing my premedical courses. I was thrilled to stay in the Bay Area for medical school at Stanford, and I have loved my time here! In medical school I have been involved with research in the Women's Health Initiative, serving as a TA for anatomy and other medical school courses, and working with many amazing mentors and colleagues. My husband (a Stanford PhD graduate) and I were so happy when I matched at Stanford for my OB/GYN residency. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, running, swimming, watching sports, and playing board games.


Jaclyn Estes, M.D., PGY 1

Hi! I grew up in Austin, Texas and did my undergrad in biomedical engineering at Texas A&M with a focus on biomechanics and medical device design. My southern accent has pretty much disappeared except for letting a “y’all” slip every now and then. After college my husband Casey and I started an online grocery delivery company in Albuquerque, NM which we worked on for about a year. Casey got a job in NYC so I followed him there and worked as a personal assistant before starting medical school. Right before my second year of med school we took a trip to northern California and I loved everything about it, from the ocean to the restaurants to the redwoods, so I feel incredibly lucky to be at Stanford for residency! One of my favorite activities is eating ice cream. Aside from that, I like taking road trips and exploring small towns, doing yoga and group fitness classes, planning my future dog ranch, and spending time with Casey and our son Sawyer. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

Andrea Henkel, M.D., PGY 1

I hail from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Originally from Minnesota but have lived and traveled to over 60 countries. At Georgetown, I started the first medical-student run comprehensive HIV testing program in an emergency department. I also started the Georgetown chapter of Medical Students for Choice and was a recent speaker at the Whole Women’s Health Rally on the steps of the Supreme Court. Beyond the hospital, I am an athlete that loves the outdoors. I was a member of the 2010 Croatian National Ultimate Frisbee team that competed at the World Championships in Prague. I also love to ski, backpack, and distance-run.

Mana Baskovic, M.D., PGY 1
I’m from Manhattan Beach, California. Grew up in Toronto, Canada but traveled to the west coast to complete a B.S in Business Administration at the University of Southern California. After graduation, I completed my pre-medical coursework at UCLA while also serving as the Clinical Trials Coordinator in the Department of Gynecologic Oncology at UCLA. In working closely with patients on various clinical trials, I discovered my passion for women's health. Shortly thereafter, I incorporated my business background, opened a non-profit clinic in the heart of Pomona, California, with the goal of providing care to the underserved women and children of the community. The clinic's model captured national attention and a visit from the President of the United States, Barack Obama. I attended medical school at Western University of Health Sciences and continued with my passion by growing the clinic in Pomona. I am thrilled to join Stanford for my residency training and my husband, Ante, may be even more excited than I am, if that is even possible. 


Amitha Ganti, M.D., PGY1

I grew up in the East Bay Area and returned to my birth place, Los Angeles, for college and medical school at the University of Southern California, where I majored in Biology and later led the American Medical Women’s Association. I enjoy dancing, tinkering and whistling (usually at the same time), painting, and reading and writing Sci-Fi/Fantasy. I am honored to have this dream come true to become an Ob/Gyn and join the Stanford family. 


Michele Torosis, M.D., PGY1

I was born and raised in Los Altos, California, and studied biomedical engineering at Duke University where my interest in women's health was first born while conducting research in Tanzania on the prevention of vertical transmission of HIV.  I continued on to medical school at UC Irvine and took a year off to do clinical research and engineering work for a medical device start up focused on women's health.  For fun, I love traveling and cycling and just completed in my first triathlon.  I’m thrilled to be moving back to the Bay Area and starting my residency at Stanford.  


Brindha Bavan, PGY 2                      Stanford University

Hello! I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I made my way up to Stanford for college where I studied Women’s Reproductive Health and Biotechnology as a Human Biology major. I then worked at the Stanford Cancer Center completing radiation oncology clinical research for a year before starting Stanford Medical School. I graduated in 2015 and became a Stanford lifer after being fortunate enough to match here for Ob/Gyn residency. I have felt incredibly supported by an inspiring group of people in our department who truly care about your personal well-being as well as your professional growth. For fun, I love hiking around the Bay area, working on my photography, exploring new restaurants/recipes, and driving up to SF on days off. I am also in the process of planning my wedding, which is happening next year. I hope you enjoy learning more about our program during your interview day and best of luck to you in this process!


Elena Bryce, PGY 2                           Albert Einstein University

Hi! I am an East Coast girl new to California. I grew up in Durham, North Carolina, and I went to Yale for undergrad. In college I majored in History and got interested in women’s health issues through teaching sex ed workshops in public schools and volunteering at a free clinic. I went to Albert Einstein for medical school in the Bronx, and I took a year off to help run a community health worker program in Uganda. I got married in my fourth year of medical school, and my husband and I were excited to explore a new part of the country and move to California. I am so happy to have matched at Stanford, and I feel so lucky to be working with such an amazing group of residents and faculty! Since moving here I’ve spent my spare time discovering my new home—hiking in redwood forests, frequenting taquerias, exploring SF, and whale watching! 


Lauren Harrington, PGY 2              University of Colorado

Hey there - welcome to Stanford! I hail from Colorado originally and ventured across the country to Williams College for my undergraduate education. At Williams, I played varsity tennis and majored in Spanish and Psychology. I returned to Colorado after college and volunteered as a Spanish medical interpreter and EMT before starting medical school. As a medical student at the University of Colorado, I dedicated much of my attention and research to working with underserved patients and investigating ways to address social determinants of poor health. Now, as a resident here at Stanford, I feel really fortunate to be a part of this strong community. I work alongside exceptional co-residents who have quickly become wonderful friends and brighten each shift with laughter, and I learn from accomplished faculty who have a passion for teaching and supporting our growth. What’s more, I spend my days outside of the hospital with my husband, soaking up the sun, continuing to marveling at the majestic palm trees, and taking excursions to the ocean, the mountains and the vineyards in between. Looking forward to meeting you. Enjoy your visit!


Nicole Marjon, PGY 2                       University of New Mexico

I grew up primarily in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I went to the University of New Mexico and received MD and PhD degrees, with research focusing on breast cancer metastasis. I got married one year prior to starting medical school and had 2 children during my PhD. My husband was accepted to Stanford for a post-doc position in stem cell research, so I applied to Bay Area residencies. I feel so fortunate to have matched at Stanford, not only because my husband and I are at the same institution, but because the program has been an exceptional fit for me also. The Stanford OB/Gyn faculty, residents and staff are extremely supportive and help ensure life outside of residency. During my off time, I spend time in San Francisco, at the beach, and at local parks in Palo Alto with my family, and there are frequent, informal resident activities. While hours can be long, I can honestly say that this group of residents makes it enjoyable!


Nichole Young-Lin, PGY 2               UC San Francisco

I was originally from Taiwan but have been fortunate enough to spend most of my life in the Bay Area. I grew up in Fremont and went to UC Berkeley for undergrad where I studied political economy and public health. Towards the end of college, I fell in love with women’s health and started a student group that later turned into a nonprofit called Saving Mothers. This experience inspired me to pursue my pre-med certificate at Columbia University, my MD at UCSF and my MBA at Duke University. In my free time, I love exploring new restaurants, hanging out with friends and globe-trotting with my hubby. I feel extremely fortunate to be here at Stanford for residency! The residents, faculty and staff are kind, supportive and provide a great training environment. Welcome to Stanford, and I look forward to meeting you all!

Michelle Apple, PGY 3
I was born and raised in a small town about two hours west of Chicago. I have spent my whole life up until now in Illinois going to University of Illinois at Chicago for undergrad, majoring in biology, and then University of Illinois at Rockford for medical school. Although I love the Midwest, my boyfriend and I were ready for a change and decided to interview in California. He matched into a military residency in the area, and I was able to follow him with my match here at Stanford. We couldn’t be happier with how everything worked out! In my free time, I can be found enjoying the beautiful weather, exploring the area, playing basketball, catching up with friends and family, or enjoying drinks with my co-interns. All of the attendings, fellows and residents have been so welcoming, supportive, and amazing to work with, and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to train here!

Carolyn Haunschild, PGY 3
Hi! I am a native Californian and am fortunate to have lived here all of my life. I received my undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) and my medical degree from UC San Diego. I loved my time in San Diego so much I extended my stay by one year to get a Master's degree in Clinical Research. I feel incredibly lucky to have matched at Stanford. In my short time here I have been blown away by how kind, helpful, intelligent and fun all of my co-residents and attendings have been. Residency is hard work but I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. In my spare time I enjoy catching up with my friends and family, swimming, keeping up on Bay Area sports teams and indulging in the two most important meals of the day-- happy hour and brunch.  I hope you have a wonderful interview day!

Jocelyn Ray, PGY 3
I grew up in Toronto, so I say things like washroom and ‘a-boot’. I went to Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario for undergrad and then returned to Toronto for my PhD in Reproductive Physiology at The University of Toronto. I have many friends and family still in Canada so I travel up there frequently. I finally came to my senses and moved down south to sunny Orlando Florida where I went to a new medical school at the University of Central Florida. Now at Stanford I couldn’t be happier. I moved here with my fiancé who is in the computer world, and we just got married this September. We love the area. Now with wedding planning behind us we have time to enjoy many of the things we love about the area: the running and biking trails, the restaurants, the vineyards and the City! Stanford is fantastic. The residents and attendings are incredible teachers, easy to talk to and so much fun! Also, having 5 residents per year is a really nice number. We all have a lot in common, and are super close already.

Justin Thompson, PGY 3
I grew up in Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia. I majored in business as an undergrad and worked in pharmaceutical sales upon graduating. I quickly developed a fascination with medicine and dreamt of caring for patients one day. I went to Drexel in Philadelphia for med school. After living on the east coast my entire life I couldn't be happier to have landed at Stanford. I am thrilled to work with such a fun and intelligent group of residents, fellows, and attendings. When I'm not at the hospital you can find me on my road bike or wine tasting in search of my new favorite California Cabernet.

Chrislyn White, PGY 3
I am originally from the Bay Area, but I headed east for both college and medical school. I attended Cornell University and majored in Animal Science. After college, I worked in clinical research while I decided what I wanted to do with the next chapter of my life. Then I moved to Boston to attend Harvard Medical School. While in medical school, I married my high school sweetheart. As much as my husband and I enjoyed Boston, it was time to return home to the beautiful Bay Area. As for our days off, my husband and I enjoy hanging out with family, hiking, and enjoying the sunshine!

Samantha Do, PGY 4           Columbia University
I grew up a Yankees fan from Manhattan, then went to Yale and majored in English. After a research year in Paris, I returned to my hometown for another year of research and teaching before starting medical school at Columbia. In medical school, I enjoyed working at a weekly free clinic for the homeless, editing our literary magazine and discovering my love of OB/GYN. Now, I cannot believe how lucky I am to get to train with such talented and caring co-residents and attendings! On weekends, I love exploring the beautiful Bay Area, swimming in our pool, running, hiking and cooking.

Zena Kharsa, PGY 4             UC San Diego
I grew up in the Midwest just outside of Chicago, and ventured to California to attend Stanford for undergrad. I majored in biology and minored in anthropology, sang in an a cappella group, and had the awesome opportunity to study abroad down under in Australia! I also had the great fortune of meeting my husband-to-be during my time at Stanford. I then made the move to SoCal where I attended UCSD for medical school. There, I enjoyed managing our Women’s Clinic as a part of our student-run free clinic project and took every opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous beaches and weather. I could not be happier to return to Stanford to continue my training. I am so impressed with how welcoming and supportive the residents and faculty are here! I was even able to get married during the fall of my intern year! During our free time, my husband and I have loved taking advantage of everything the Bay area has to offer, including taking our first trip to Yosemite, exploring San Francisco, and trying a number of fabulous local restaurants.

Gaya Murugappan, PGY 4   Harvard
I grew up in Michigan and went to Johns Hopkins for college where I majored in Biomedical Engineering and Spanish.  I then spent four lovely years in Boston at Harvard Medical School and am so excited to be at Stanford for residency.  My husband and I got married just after medical school and have loved living in the Bay Area. We head to Napa or Sonoma as often as we can and have spent many lovely evenings in San Francisco on the way back home.  Intern year has been challenging but I have felt constantly supported and loved by all the residents and feel so lucky to be here! Can’t wait to meet you.

Sanaa Suharwardy, PGY 4   Washington University
I grew up in Danville, across the Bay, and ventured down to UCLA for undergrad, where I studied economics to avoid upper-division biology courses. I then decided that California was too sunny and beautiful for me so I dragged my husband-to-be to St. Louis so I could attend Wash U for medical school. Between sledding, float trips, and sampling fried chicken/BBQ joints, I managed to graduate from medical school and we finally made our way back to the Bay! I've had a wonderful start to intern year, mostly because of how kind and supportive everyone is, especially to the newbies! On weekends, I hang out with my husband and we indulge in sleeping in, eating out, spending time with our families and friends, and going to the coast or to the mountains (when we're not catching up on TV). Welcome to Stanford, I hope your interview day goes smoothly!

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