Stanford OB/GYN Resident Testimonials

I am so grateful to have trained at Stanford for residency. I felt so fortunate to learn from and train with such amazing people; all of the attendings, staff, fellows, co-residents were capable, supportive, kind, and were truly interested in our education. I feel confident in the OR and on labor and delivery in my current role because of the training I had. The farther I am from residency, the more I appreciate my time there. I have discussed residency experiences with many of my current colleagues who trained across the country, and although no residency is perfect, I think Stanford provides a very well-rounded training and produces very competent OB/Gyns. Examples include that very few of my colleagues were trained in forceps, 2nd twin breech extraction, and laparoscopic myomectomies which are things that many Stanford graduates feel well trained in. If I had to do it over again, I would choose Stanford again in a heartbeat.  - Generalist, Class of 2018, 
Stanford has become my home and I am grateful every day to be part of such a supportive learning environment.  - REI fellow, Class of 2017, 
“By the end of my training at Stanford I felt prepared to do either private practice or fellowship. To me this proved the program offered excellent exposure to clinical volume as well as research and sub-specialties. My co-residents and attendings felt like family. I am very grateful for my time there. – Gyn Oncologist in Academic Practice, Class of 2014
"I chose the Stanford program because I was interested in an academic program that would position me well for Gyn Onc fellowship. My interests changed and passion to become a generalist blossomed during residency. Looking back, I’m fortunate to have done my training at Stanford which gave me the opportunity to learn from an array of talented ObGyn’s. My experience at Stanford left me feeling well prepared to serve my patients as a generalist. - Generalist in Private Practice, Class of 2018