Mothers and Newborns Course: Information for Mothers

We are looking for pregnant women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities who are:

  • Due to give birth between February 1st and July 31
  • Planning to give birth at Stanford
  • Interested in being paired with a first or second year medical student
  • Willing to share their experience of pregnancy to contribute to a medical student’s education
  • Looking for additional support through pregnancy and childbirth

Guidelines for Mothers

We are very happy that you are considering being a part of our class! Please review these guidelines to ensure another successful class

Communicate with your medical student:

* Respond to emails and phone calls from your medical student.
* Keep your student informed about your appointment schedule as well as changes.
* As much as you can, try to schedule appointments during times when your student can attend (the student has the responsibility to be as flexible as possible in this regard, including missing videotaped lectures).

Do NOT contact your medical student in the case of a medical emergency: Call 911 or your obstetrician.

Discuss your birth plan with your medical student: Talk about whether or not you feel comfortable having the student attend the birth, and what role you would like the student to play in that process.

Discuss whether you want your student to attend post-natal obstetrical and neo-natal pediatric visits: Before the birth, decide if you want your student to continue attending doctor’s visits with you and your baby after the birth.

Contact the course coordinator if you have any questions.

Contact the Coordinator